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TOYS FOR TOTS cruise Sun. Dec. 2nd


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Well fellow rats, its time again for crappy weather and short days, but with that does come one ray of light (I don't think it's the sun though, more like four headlights on there high beam setting) but still light. With this also comes the annual TFT cruise. Last year was a huge turnout and as usual a success. Here is a link and tit bit of info on the event... P.S. a rusty L16 exhaust manifold is not really considered an appropriate toy to most.


“NW TOY RUN 2012"

Date: December 2th 2012

Time: 12:00pm -to- 4:00pm

Place: Pacific Raceways


Pacific Raceways

31001 144th Avenue Southeast,

Kent, WA 98042-4601

(253) 639-5927


unopened toy, or $5




YEP. THAT’S RIGHT! SUNDAY DEC. 2nd 12:00pm AT PACIFIC RACEWAYS( http://www.pacificraceways.com/


Lets show the world that we dont only have the best taste in automotive history but also have hearts of stainless trim and sidedraft carbs.(gold)

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I have not been to previous years events, but reading other forums, sounds like there was between 700-800 cars, I Dont know how many Classic Japanese rigs rolled in but I am sure they would bow down when anything from our collection of classy rides rolled up.

Birthday boy, if you decide to roll out there lets hookup and caravan out there.

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Following the FB Event, it seems like lots will be happening. Should be a fun time. A few days before the meet we need to figure out a place to meet beforehand so Ratsun members can all roll in together.


With so many cars attending, it's going to be a big clusterfuck I'm sure.

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That's a good idea, by the red robin. I have my crew out of Port Orchard trying to get me to roll with them, too, but they're a mix of cars and trucks from all across the board. Anyone got a ratsun sticker I can buy at the meet up? My Z is severely lacking...

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