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78 620 King Cab, my first datsun!!!:D


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well this is my 1978 datsun 620 KC short bed i got the 14th (yesterday lol). picked it up for 1400 bucks, overpaid for it but i love it. runs ans drives great, motor is super clean. unfortuneatly, i picked it up when it was in the middle of a interior tear down so to speak. so theres a lot of stuff i need to put back together and tweak. and of course, lots of sanding and painting (all the rust is on the floorboards and bed) and im also gonna paint it all flat white and lower it about another inch!

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Thanx guys!! Buut I put the tape on so its staying until I get bored with it. Plans are: re wiring the tailights, fixing speedometer, fixing door locks (the lock works, but only the interior button, the keys don't lock it), sanding and painting it flat white, lowering it 1-2 more inches, paint the rear letters light blue (to match my drift trike), sanding and painting interior with spray on bed liner, new Kenwood stereo, and possibly a ka24de swap, locking rear diff. And a bunch of other shit I can't remember haha

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Because rally? Haha I know this sounds noobish, but I never really knew..


It was done by race cars back in the day so that if their headlights broke on the track, they wouldn't get glass all over the ground. Saved people from getting flats. When they left the track they took that shit off.


Welcome to Ratsun.

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SOME RANDOM UPDATES ON THE TRUCK! got the apparently shot 5 speed swapped out for a 4 speed, new clutch kit, got the door locks working, took off the spare tire holder, new plates and tags, some random stickers, new battery terminal connector thing (old one was too tall and burning holes in my hood), got all the wiring all re done and tucked up so its all nice and purdy, took off the US Marine Corps bumper magnet ( it was mine to begin with, i just didnt want it on there anymore), all the dmv shit is legal for oregon, and pulled out all of the interior panels. PLANS FOR IT ARE: fender mirrors, grenade shifter knob, mount black diamond plate on the doors for interior panels, sand and bondo random holes, bumps, rust areas etc., paint it flat military Olive Drab green, bedliner the bed and the rear DATSUN letters (and maybe the cab, not sure if i wanna go with cheap bedliner for cab or flat black spray paint), KA24DE swap or if i have enough money/ find a good deal a SR20DET swap, fix (again) the speedometer, install a rpm gauge, fix dash lights, kenwood KDC-X396 deck with 2 (maybe more in the future) kenwood KFC-6983PS 6x9s, flare out/ put fender flares on it ( if i go fender flares, ill put the same ones as Chad Copelands), new fatter rims ( Fifteen 52 3 piece tarmac in two tone black and military green with some pirellis) and tires to justify the flares, mount KA-BARs (7inch blade synthetic handle with synthetic sheaths) on both freshly diamond plated door panels, Bride/Recaro/Sparco (havnt decided yet) seats, sparco detachable steering wheel, re do the whole dash military style (havnt given it much thought), new seatbelts with the new seats (again, not much thought), about an inch lower in the back with a highly stiffened suspension, weld the diff, re position the pedals so there more spaced out, and thats all i can think of for the life of this truck. and its gonna be a rust filled battle the whole way haha. and thats all my stuff i have planned, its not all gonna happen within a couple months haha, if i had the money i would.

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