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WTB 620 hood

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i have a free hood,


and the catch is


it flew open (wasnt closed all the way.)

and is a lil damaged. its bent about 2/3s of the way up,

you might be able to bend it back.

i didnt try to very had, instead i just removed the latch (wouldnt line up anymore)

and tied the hood shut.

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Welcome to the club there TM2, that's kinda the same reason I'm looking for one.


I had been garage racing my truck since getting most of it back together and just had the hood mocked up, no bolts or straps (I know... giant face palm) and had taken her out plenty of times at low speed but got too comfortable and sped up to about 40mph (in a headwind) and it just instantly sailed up the air like a kite !


It didn't even touch the a-pillar or the bed (windshield not installed yet thank goodness) and flipped and landed behind the truck on the top nose part. Now the supports are bent and a big wavy cave-in on that front part.


It was actually pretty funny except for the fact I trashed a very nice hood (and the embarrassment + cost factor). Also really glad no one was behind me.


So I'm in the same boat as you... looking for better, thanks anyway.

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similar story with mine. was troubleshooting the carb, driving it around the block, realized i needed to give it more throttle and took it to a street.


the hood flying off like a sail does seem funny when i picture it in my head. and yeah definitely a good thing no one was around when your (or my hood) incident happened.

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Thanks Adam, I do truly appreciate the gesture but let me see what's happening here locally for a little while to avoid those shipping expenses. Funny though, it seems the abundance of 620 parts are in the northwest... ? We get some on a regular yet sparse basis for SoCal, but appears the lion's share is up your way.

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