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1200 fastback door on a 2 door sedan?

110 Datto

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Hey guys. Does anyone know what mods I would have to do to install a 1200 fastback door on a '71 2 door sedan? I can't find a sedan door in decent condition so I'm thinking if the fastback will even fit. Thanks!

Bolts up but is about an inch too short. Height difference is in the window frame area, so depending on the condition of your original door maybe you can make one good one.

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First, I have 3 good sets of sedan doors, some missing glass or window regulators. Second you can make a coupe door fit, Take measurements of the sash on the sedan door before drilling it out as will have to weld it back in the correct place or height. And you need to move the door glass and regulator. You may have to use the door panel from the coupe unless you secure a piece of angled sheet metal to the inner door to use a sedan door panel. The advanage you have is in doing both doors?, you can use the one that still together to check the alignment of the one you are welding up. If you take your time and tack things in to place and test fit the door you should do fine.

I have a friend who what's to chop the top on a sedan, tilt the windshield back and use coupe doors on the his sedan and install coupe windshield-cause you can still buy a windshield for a coupe!

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I was thinking that you would want compare the lenght of the window tracks, front is the wing window which you move but the latch side/end may need to be moved from the sedan door. They have different part #'s and I have never compared the two.

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im looking for the passenger side


I'll take a look tomorrow and see which side mine is. :thumbup:


Back story explanation: Got two NOS doors from a buddy for a "Coupe". When they showed up, one was for a Coupe, one was for a Sedan. But I can't remember which is which as I'm 20 miles away from them. ^_^

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