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My Rusty L320 Build

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Here are some progress pics from Friday evening. I didn't get it bolted back on the vehicle, but that should be easy to get to after work this week.  I had to run to the parts store for a different inner wheel bearing. When I ordered the donor parts on rock auto, I got the wrong ones. Not sure what I was thinking, but I bought them for the 520 instead of the new 720 hubs. Other than that everything else was smooth sailing. 





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If it makes you feel any better those bearing probably won't fit the 520 hubs either.....

For some reason they are listed on every web sight wrong... not sure if the parts sellers ever figured that out.....


I'll eventually convert to the 620 inner bearing on my 521 with a  Mike klotz spacer since the correct ones are getting harder to find.....


Keep up the good work....

I love seeing these trucks getting back on the road even if it makes me sad I had to leave mine behind in California...

Could only take one home and the 521 was the runner..... 

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The 720 hubs and bearings work with the Mike Klotz front disc brake kit.






Beebani's front brake kit



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1 hour ago, emceefarlane said:

do you have a part number for these boots?



I don't know about the boots but 521 inner and outer tie rod end assemblies fit 320s. The center linkage is the kicker. I had to get a center link milled by a machine shop at the right length to accept 521 tie rod ends. 

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