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13 Inch tire sizes and options


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I have some 13x7 Libres I'd like to continue to use that are in desperate need of tires. It has Potenza 205 60r13's now. I'd like a little lower side wall and I think these are already taller than stock. What are some sizes you guys are running on 13x7's? What is the narrowist I should go? 185-175? I don't want to stretch them and leave the wheel lip exposes, and I don't really like that look. The 205's seem to fit well but are hard to find. Especially in a 50 series.

Thoughts or suggestions are welcome!


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There was a nice set of 5 205/50/13s at a used tire place in South Federal Way about three weeks ago. They are on Hwy 99 South of the Hwy 18 intersection. Don't remember the shops name but I found them on CL.


Thanks. Once I decide on a size I will check this place out.


205/60 R13s are nearly 1 1/3 inches SHORTER in diameter than the stock 510 tire, which was a 165/80R13. About 3% less circumfrence than stock.


Thanks for clarifying that. I guess maybe I should have actually measured!

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Just FYI, 13 inch tires are getting really hard to find. They have been for a few years. Most tires stores they won't even carry them anymore, they'll have to order them in. And even at that you'll probably only have two choices. One of the big players stopped making 13's recently, leaving only a couple sources left. If it was me, I'd upgrade to some 15's. Your tire choices would be exponentially increased. 13's are a dying breed, and becoming the part of specialty tire companies, meaning they'll be more expensive. Heck, even the 15's have less choice than 17's, but 17's are almost too big for a 510. I run 16's on mine, and it's a good fit.


Also, keep in mind that the Libres were probably run hard, for a long time, and might be past their serviceable life. I'd check thoroughly for cracks, as I've seen a few that were not suitable for road use.

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Perhaps I worded my original post wrong. I'm not yet concerned with where to buy tires. I was more looking for info on what tires people are running on 13x7 wheels. For an occasionally driven street car. And how they look and perform in a given size. Fourfiveten showed me some pictures of 215 50r13 and gave feedback on them and thanks to him for that!

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