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Tailgate magazine HELP!!!!


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OK, I only need 3 copies of Tailgate magazine to be complete from issue # 1 through now. They offer back issues for (outragious!) $10.00 each for less than 5 or $7.50 each for 5 to 8 copies. What I need to know, and I'm sure some of You guys have these issues, is: was there 30th Resolutions coverage in issue # 28 (Feb 2005), # 31 (Nov 2005) or in # 35 (Nov 2006). Those are the 3 issues that I need and I have no idea what is in them. What I plan, if any of You can tell Me, is if there WAS coverage, I will purchase 2 extra copies of that issue and 1 each of the others which would be like getting 4 issues for the price of 3 and $7.50 for the last issue. I know that's a high price to pay but I have not seen these remaining issues on ebay at all. Thanks for Your help.

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Hi guys. OK, I'm not asking for You guys to break up Your collections. I WILL get those three issues. I just want any of You that have those to just take a few minutes and look through those three to see if there was Resolutions 30 coverage. I'd like to find out ASAP and send Paisano Publications payment this week. Thanks for Your time.

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Hey guys......


Did any of You find those 3 magazines and if so is (was) there Resloutions 30th anniversary coverage in one of those 3?? My payday is on Wednesday and I'd like to get payment off to Paisano. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!

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Tailgate is being dis-continued?? I just sent in payment for a one year subscription. Where did You hear that information? Once again, thank You for looking anyway!! Mike

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HMMmmmmmmmmmmm I just went on their web address and it says "error-page cannot be displayed" Did they go bankrupt or something? There are at least 5 other magazines that they put out. Interesting....

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Well, I found where You got that information. Street Source Magazine has the whole story in their forum. Now, let's see what happens to My check if I send it to the back issue address? I'll send it out today and take a chance.

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By the way, I talked on the phone (YES, HONEST!!! A real guy!!) to somebody at Paisano and purchased the 3 tailgates that I needed. I now have the complete set from #1. No, there was not Resolutions coverage in any of them. All I am looking for now are the early Mini Truckin' magazines that I have mentioned on another thread. The collection GROWS!!!!!!!!!

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