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My Interior Build Thread


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Well since I spent all this time and money on everything else I figured Id spend a little time trying to quiet things down a bit, since we all know Datsun are quite the "Tinny Lil Beast" when it comes to interior noise.


So if you dont have one go get one of these




and lots of these, in varied sizes.




And if you decide to do your panels the way I did mine (most of you wont as I'vd discovered that most of the datsun guys are purist) and thats fine... but, you might need some of this anyway.




Okay, so now go get some new 8th inch fiber board from your local big box store, like this




Then locate and drill out the holes in the panels so they line up with the new holes in the panels, Nope, its not easy. In fact its a pain in the a$$ but once you figure it out ... your golden and it looks like this





Okay, so because I wanted to do something different I added this piece, you'll understand why later in the thread




I set it where I thoguth it looked good and drilled lots of little holes through the door panel and the inlay piece




Then I removed it, cut wire about 12 inches long and looped them through the holes and upholtered the piece to match the rest of the interior






The end result is this





Ok, now back to the actual door panel. I outlined the inlay piece and surrounded the rest of the panel in foam, recycled foam none the less, so these panels are ECO friendly.




Finish gluing the foam to the panel (but do not glue the 2 inches around the perimeter of the panel) and test fit the inlay, you should have about an 16th to an 8th of an inch of play.




Okay, now take the inlay out and get your imported italian leather ready to go down, or in this case some sweet leatherette from your local fabric store and loosly (kind of) tack it in place.





Now, remember those holes that were in the panel. Stick a small screw driver through those holes in that fine italian leather so you kno where they are and fish the wire from the inlay through those holes




What you end up with is this




At this point you wanna make sure your inlay is down nice and tight so lift the edges of the black leather and make sure the edges of the inlay are under the thick foam and the start to twist and secure the wire on the back side of the panel (not to tight or you'll tear the panel or break the wire)


Now you want to drop in your new pins under the foam, remember you didnt glue the edges so this step is pretty easy. then start to stretch and attach the leather starting in the corners (at least that method works for me) and start gluing and stapling and trimming the excess material.




What I ended up with was this




Now I have to do the rear doors and the hatch.

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Seat belts came in today, When I first got em I was kinda like :confused: but after installing them I was like :w00t: they work great, I think. Well they look better than the factory units thats for sure. Now I can look over my shoulder and no have the seat belt across my face.







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Im sure most of the people in the San Jose Datsun community have seen this alredy but here is the custom dash build.


It started with alot of wood and bondo. I'll spare you the whole build thread and show the OIC highlights


The start












I had two designs mocked up but liked one more than the other. One design was set up for gauges to go all the way across and the other was a little more realistic






Test fit, blocked, primed, blocked and primed and blocked and primed




Made a mold, made a part, cut some holes and off to the upholstery shop. (this is the mold, the plug and the part




And the finished product, with Datsun Daves Push Buttom start :thumbup:







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Very nice!! I was pondering how you did all this last time I saw it at the santa clara meet. I hope you make it out to the swapmeet this saturday so I can take a closer look. Good job!! :thumbup:

Oh and I may ask some advice on what material to use on the door panels for my little brothers wagon. :)

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The pins came from "The fastener Wharehouse.com" Len is the guy you wanna talk to. The part number is TR308B, I paid 25 bucks for 200 pieces so they're very affordable.


The seat belts were the 110 length with the 8 inch drop belt and the 8 or 12 inch buckle.

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