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Datsun 210 1/4 Panel Emblems

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Before you get excited these are not OEM emblems. As some of you may have read in the 210's Unite thread I, like many of you with 210s, are missing quarter panel emblems so I recreated some in a 3D program and had them printed on a 3D plastic printer. The look has a couple of differences from the original in that the bevel isn't quite as big and for whatever odd reason the 3D program elongated the type a little but for the most part the type is the same (I'll let you be the judge). A friend was kind enough to make a mold of what was printed so I cast a few to keep as spares. These are plastic and spray painted with black and metallic chrome. I also hit them with a UV resistant clear coat. They do not have the 4 pins on the back to mount to the fender. You'll have to apply with silicone or double stick tape. If you are interested I have some extra as I wanted to use up all the casting resin. Two are already spoken for but I should have another couple sets soon. If you're interested in a set I'm asking for $35 plus $5.90 shipping in the contiguous 48 states. Shipping elsewhere you'll have to send me your postal info. Depending on the interest I receive I may do more castings but they won't be painted. I'll send you the raw plastic emblem. These things take quite a bit of time I don't have now (busy with other things). These are first come first serve so if you want a set hit me up. If what I have gets snatched up I'll keep everyone's info and let you know if/when I do more castings.



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