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Google the words "suck up" and click images. It's the 4th row of pics down, 2nd from the left. You'll find it kinda odd how fast you can do it, too. The whole process should take about 15sec. ;)

I was thinking more of a kiss ass. opps, I mean brown noser. but sux up is also a good one. lol

Mikes been on Ratsun since 2007 of Jan and is the top poster for a reason. When you have been here for a while, you will figure it.

Anyways, I trolled FB and saw this and thought, some day I will be able to use this. Today is that day. Thank You.


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He's just some hoser from Canada, eh? :D



Speaking of Canada, I had a rude Alberta fellow in my store the other day. Bitched and whined because we don't do tax exempt unless you're an account with a tax ID number on file. Had I been quicker on the draw I would have suggested he take his pissy attitude back to Canada with him, but he stormed out to quickly.

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