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carb help needed!!


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ditch the hitachi and get a webber man, best thing u will ever do.


if i had the money to buy one i would. but i dont at the moment and just need some help getting it running again.


carb seems to leak only when running

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i had the same issue i didnt know where my carb was leaking from, but i took the air cleaner box off and pluged the small hoses that go to the air filter and turned the car on i found out the leaking was from the banjo fitting feeding the carb i tightend it up and problem fixed maybe these pictures will help

dont know if u can tell but all the yellow stuff on the side are gas stains


this is the bolt i thightened up and my problem was fixed


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If that Hitachi is leaking at the accel pump like ya said, just pull the larger rocker arm off the carb (moves the pump shaft) and pull those two Phillips head screws holding the pump piston assy in the carb.

Before dropping the new one in the pump chamber, coat the rubber/leather cup with oil for a little bit (maybe do this while you're pullin' the old one out) as it helps "swell" the new cup. There is is a gasket normally included under the hold down plate, holds all in the carb, but that's more meant as a dust gasket than a liquid :)

BTW.....while the pump chamber is open, make sure the little ball bearing is down there at the bottom and be certain you orientate the lite spring under the pump assy so that it's tang acts as a hold down for that ball.


Easy Peasey eh? :)


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