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Road & Track Presents - Datsun BRE 510 Driven

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Yeah, dont like the driver, his voice got annoying. Its his first vintage race car, yet he nit picks it, then says its great for its time, stfu and drive that shit. I also cringe thinking about my L series going to 10k, omg theres omg omg shift it shift it! ...




At around the 4:10 mark they show an old group photo, in which its zoomed in on the 510 then pans out to a z car on the left and a truck on the right... any more info on those? Mainly the truck...they have a race truck?

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the guy is definatly a douch BUT

he is doing his job to critique a race car of the old and compare to the new

that fucker was so happy just listen to his voice when he sais WOW

and at 10k that motor sounds bad ass

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