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$1,250 1974 620 Auto

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Trying to get rid of this thing again.

The truck is an orange 74 lil' hustler.
-Auto, recently flushed- shifts real nice. Had issues with the tranny before- It was the vacuum solenoid and was fixed.
-L18 with a weber. Has newer starter, rotor cap and plugs. Putt-putts real nice. Leaky front crank seal.
-Giant-Ass front brakes. Datsun parts LLC adapters with pathfinder calipers and new rotors.( def. needs a bigger bore master)
-New rims with used tires. Wheel Vintiques Rallye's. 15x8 up front with a 1/4" spacer & 195/65. 15x10 in the rear & 235/55.
-New Battery.
-Doors are shot- tons of rot at the bottom. typical rust under battery. Drivers floor pan has rust but i cant see the road yet. I ripped out the old carpet and was in the process of cleaning it up.Also the doors have been mongrammed with "S&R" (The datsun was featured in some of my wedding photos)
-Gas gauge not working.
-Needs tierods, 
-No cracks in dash- its a beauty.

Why am i selling? Apparently the flexplate is cracked and is being held on by 2 bolts. My local shop wanted wayyy to much money for this repair.
I thought i would tear into it but again i lack time, money and a garage.

I have driven the truck since the bad news and it seems to run quite well- starts up fine, shifts fine.

Looking for 500$!

Pics Before
Pics After:

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Sold!! It was very nice to meet you and your wife, the truck is beautiful, got home safe and sound, already pulled the auto transmission, the flexplate was bad looked like it was replaced once before. but it is now getting the 4 speed swap. Thanks again.

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I remember seeing your truck near my Aunties place in Seward Park. 
I kept trying to catch you to chat, but then it wasnt parked there anymore.


Hope you make it back with another truck soon, man.

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