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Sightings 2, the not a datsun but... Thread

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looks to be a '51 Lincoln. those were true road machines. they had the flathead V8s from an F8 Ford truck mated to GM's four speed dual range hydramatic automatic via a licensing agreement. trivia: the power windows in those were hydraulic and not electric.

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Interesting Toyota truck...



I see a pretty fair number of these style builds where I live. Lots of trails nearby and only 4 hours from Moab. I drove my 720kc around one summer without doors on it. Even planned on building tube doors like these for it. Never did build them though.

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They didn't. ^_^


The wagons and trucks you see are custom jobs. That one looks to be borrowing the roof and hatch from a 70s Malibu wagon.



Didn't think so. Never seen one or even heard of it.

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old jeep turned up at a local mechanic's shop:




this thing was parked in Duncan, OK. I feel like if Mad Max and Jeff Foxworthy were having sex with Luke Bryan playing in the background and conception between the two were possible this would be the offspring.






there's some openings on the front side markers in the last picture that I believe were intended to represent arrows but look like penises getting ready to violate each other.

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A pair of '57 Nomads in Denton TX.




The pretty one spent his money on paint and bodywork. He started up and it sounded like a healthy, modern crate motor. The one with the patina spent his money on the engine. He started up and it set off car alarms and idled like a Pro Stock.




No trailer queens here. There were on their way to the Good Guys meet at Texas Motor Speedway, about 15 miles to the south.



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