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Sightings 2, the not a datsun but... Thread

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So, yeah, it happend.

I, and others, see cool cars all the time, and "its not a datsun but.... Well here you go.

To kick it off, i saw this car , i have no idea what it is...

But its rocking western meshies so...




And i saw this chevy 2 also, realy clean, found out after i took a bunch of pics that my dad bought it lol.




It kinda looks rattle canned in the pics, but after dad buffed it it looks realy good, its original paint.

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There pushing for tolls, and to ad a new bridge , so bridge lifts at inopertune times will hold traffic backed up all day, its a game. They allways win.

Has anybody actually ever seen a Triumph TR7 / 8 going down the highway NOT being towed?? It`s kinda the same with the traffic on the island where you took that picture...Has anyone ever went through there when traffic wasn`t backed up???

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I think that's the same TR7 that was for sale in Vancouver,

on craigslist.It was an unfinished V6 conversion,for $1000.

I used to have the same opinion of TR7's,until I drove one.

Decent power,great handling,an all-around fun car.Of course,that's if

you drive a well cared for,sorted one.


- Doug

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Yep it's a Triumph TR7 my dad bought me a orange one before I could even learn to drive it's one heavy son of a British car. When we got it home it had only half the engine and it had been sitting for many years. Not far too far down my house there was a green one with a V8 with a huge blower sticking out.

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