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Looking for some links on turbo builds


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Hey guys, ive been searching here and the realm to try and see some other boosted l series motors, im not too familar with the realm though and my searching here hasnt turned up to many results, im mainly interested in full motor low comp builds, if you know of one off the top of your head and feel like sharing a link id appreciate it!


Also curious what the most hp out of a boosted l you guys have heard about.




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Turbo 2.2L

7.87:1 Compression ratio with 45.2cc open chambered head.

Parts: Z22 crank, 2.2E pistons, Z22S/L20B rods in Z22block or Z20/L20B block bored +2mm,

s/2+r+p: 224.4

piston deck height: -3.45 (below block)




Medium-Long Rod Turbo 2.05L

Use 32.1mm piston, 149.5mm rod from late Z22E. These rods are not as sturdy as onther L series rods.

Parts: L20B crank, Z2.2e pistons, Z22e rods, Z22 bock or Z20/L20B block bored +2mm over

s/2+r+p: 224.1

piston deck height: -2.85 (below block)



Short Rod L16

7.8:1 CR using 37cc cylinder head. Lowering compression of a L16 would be easier by just installing a open chambered L20B head and using stock bottom end. I just wanted to utilize a good 37cc head I already had.

parts: L16 crank, L18 rods, L24 (flattop) pistons, L16 block.

s/2+r+p: 205.2mm

piston deck height: -2.70mm (below deck)




Turbo L18

Use deep dished L20B pistons in a otherwize stock L18 for 7.63:1 compression ratio (using open chambered head) or bore +1mm and use dished 280Z pistons for 7.85:1 compression ratio.

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Thats interesting i havent seen that, im gunna play around with it tonight, im thinking about doing a slow winter build and improving upon what i have, i like seeing what other people have done, it helps me think about how i want to do this the second time around. the right way!



Edit, didnt mean to sound snappy! haha i just figured that would be the first place people would look for info!

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Pay particular attn. to http://www.the510rea...iewprofile&u=93 's build. L20B turbo 250 RWHP. Not only does this car make power but designed to stay together.

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Hey mike you wouldnt happen to have any other links that have info on "bertvorgon"s car would you? there was a little bit on it in julians thread, and i havent finished the turbo q and a yet theres probally some more in there as well

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