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Ratsun.net Rising Sun Stickers

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Got lot's more and can make more when they run out. :D

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The stickers are pressure laminated vinyl....you can run them wherever you want :D

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I got my sticker and love it! It covers that big hole where the stock radio used to be very well. :lol:

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Doh...I guess you'll get 2 extra... :P


Sorry about that :(


They'll go out tommorrow. Envelope is filled out and it'll go into the box today ;)

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Hey RedEye, You have Paypal. I'll take 4 please.:D

Ya, I'm a sticker whore.:lol:

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Hey !!!!! I haven't got mine yet either


Oh i guesss I need to send some money first.....:rolleyes:


I don't have p pal "yet" so can I just send you a mo


PM me your address and I''ll get it sent out this week- - if that is cool w/u ;)

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Whatever works, you got a PM :)


Jester yours are headed out too. :D

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Hey I want some stickers too can you pm me your address also and ill send a money order too i want 4 Thanks

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620Mike you have a PM :)


You guys bought out my supply...sheesh...down to 2 stickers...:lol:


I should have another run finished Thursday night though, so there is plenty more coming :D

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Figured I'd add a little sticker tech :D


Fresh of the presses (well printer :P)




From there I cut them into strips and laminated the strips.






All laminated




Then I cut a datum on each strip.




From that point I trim each sticker down.








Rinse and repeat til I got a fat stack...




I'm a bit behind on your sets jetdoc1971 and 420n620. I added an extra sticker for you guys.. :)


I also got your M.O. yesterday Mike D, your stickers will be in the mail today.


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