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Engine stumble to turn off??

Boom death

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So my l20b started acting up a couple of days ago, after the engine is nice and warm and u turn the key to shut it off it will stumble to turn off like it doesn't want to be turned off (I don't blame her I want to be in her all day lol) but it's kinda annoying I gotta sit in the car for like a minute waiting for it to shut off... Also I don't know if this has something to do with it but like a week before that it started backfiring In between gears shift only when I rev it to like 5000 rpm ..

Things I've tried

Cleaning carburetor with carb cleaner

New plugs wires and spark plugs and rotor on match box dizzy

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Retard the timing a degree or two.


Turn the idle mixture screw out 1/4 turn.


Basically you are preigniting. Most likely from a lean condition and hot motor. Retarding the timing a degree, will make it marginally cooler in the cylinder. Turning the idle mixture a 1/4 turn will make it a tad richer at idle. This will also make it less lean upon turning off the car.


Or simply dump it in a gear.

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Just get in the habit of placing in 4th, brake on and lift the clutch just enough to load the motor. Turn off key and it will stall easily. If an automatic shut off in drive and then place in park.


It's not hard to do and a half dozen times and it will become second nature to do.

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