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Sup doods i have a little problem with my truck its a 1984 720 2.4 z24 5speed.i was turning onto my block when i put it in second my gears went super stiff so the first thing i thought was my clutch master cylinder was empty(i check this my shit every week)so i openend the lid and it was dirty fluid i got a small turkey baster and sucked all that shit out and put new fluid in after the i put it up stands and bled the clutch same thing STIFF gears!!...this morning i thought it was a lack of gear oil in the tranny i got beneath and both my fill and drain plugs were stripped..any ideas on a diy on getting them out...so with that head ache i thought to maybe i could remove my shifter and pour it in it was a no go and made a mess......LETS SEE SOME IDEAS datsun heads

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(i check this my shit every week)



Well you better add these two to the things you check every week...


...so i openend the lid and it was dirty fluid


..this morning i thought it was a lack of gear oil in the tranny




STIFF?? do you mean very hard to shove the shifter into gear??? Try with the motor off... if still hard to shift I would expect the tranny may be dry.



If you gave the square external fitting use a pipe wrench with a small length of pipe over the handle to add leverage. Heat around the plug with a small torch. Aluminum expands twice as much as steel. This will make the hole (very slightly) larger, maybe enough to snap it loose.

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So a lovely trick I use on bolts that will not come out - Heat for stiff bolts, Heavier plumbing-style wrenches for bolts that are stripped - but when all this fails and I break the bolt off - I use the dremel to cut a slash across the area the bolt breaks off at - then use a flathead screwdriver to remove the remaining bolt.. Better than drilling and I can always still drill if this method fails. I try to always keep cutting wheels that get small on hand for just this purpose... This worked great for the Alternator mod I just did. Turns out the old alt was just hanging and the bottom bolt broke off. No wonder it was working fine and got suddenly weaker... The unit works just fine - just not powerful enough at idle and I have trailer electrical drain to plan for...


When heating any unit filled with lubricants, with a torch, ( I am sure you know this actually) always take unit apart and clean burned oil from inside...If I need a bolt to come off - it never fails that I gotta get it red to break it free..Always works, just always need to excessively heat... Murphy's law and all that... Good luck wit it...

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