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720 Mystery Part


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I'm new to Datsun trucks, with that being said here is the problem I am facing.


I recently bought a 1980 Datsun 720. It is from Oregon and I live in California. I went to smog it and I was told they could not because of an exhaust leak. I searched for the exhaust leak and could not find it so I decided to change out the exhaust manifold gasket and the downpipe gasket. Today when I was cleaning out the exhaust manifold and intake manifold I noticed a pipe in each exhaust manifold runner and a tube connected to the collector of the manifold. As I was drying the whole thing with the air compressor I put the nozzle up to one of the pipes and it had rusted through. Does anyone know what this part is?? I looked it up in the manual and it was called Air Assist Galley. I have not been able to find it anywhere by that name, so if anyone else knows it by any other name or can help me find one I'd appreciate it. Thanks!!

I'm not sure how to post pictures on here, so I can not post the picture at this time.

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just cut it off get whole new piping. a truck that is 20 years or older (new Law) in Cali can't have a leak, but doesn't need a catalytic converter either... so that maybe a cheap option to get something like that, maybe ceramic coating, it would be more expensive but would run cooler and last longer

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a pipe in each exhaust manifold runner
That is air injection or air induction (Nissan A.I.S.)


Auto parts stores do not sell them. Get them from Nissan or at a wrecking yard. Stores mostly sell maintenance items.


To complete you work, here is how to find exhaust leaks. Stop looking and start listening: fit a length of heater hose to your ear and move the other end over the manifold, pipe and muffler. You'll hear even small leaks.

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