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I don't get it.


I'll never understand the attraction.


Taillights should be as large as possible and RED!!! They're red for a reason to tell people behind you that you are there and more importantly, when you are stopping!!! so they don't run into you. You need to be seen! Even when off at night they are still reflectors. Will LEDs do this???


I never understood the 'Euro look'. Perfectly good factory red lenses removed and replaced with small round red lens with clear or silver surround. Or truck tail lights covered with a bezel with a bow tie or ram or w/e logo and hardly any red showing. Or smoked lenses so dark the light output is almost nothing.


There used to be, and I think there still are, laws prohibiting the modification of car marker running and brake lights by obstructing them, modifying or changing the color. Hell I've gotten warnings for having dust and dirt from side roads on my tail lights. Common sense would dictate that you should want to be seen, not unseen, any time specially at night.


So, .... is this like form over function? Is this hellaflush, insane camber 5" tire stretch on 10" rims? Is this what this is? to impair a safety device for the mere sake of looks???? What next? replace seat belts with string?


Will they have enough red LEDs to at least equal the original tail light?

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Well point taken, but if your Going to go through all that trouble casting your own lighs you can find a material like this creativesafetysupply.com/Ref-Spray. And For safety sake If you've ever been behind a modern car with bright LEDs I would much rather incorporate that technology in my 40-year-old Z Along with HIDs in the front I don't think you can get any more safer than that. Those 280 tails from klearz look pretty promising I wonder if they fit the profile of the 240 though. Sounds like a fun project Anyway

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To Datzenmike; LEDs produce a very significant amount of light with very little input, also - they do not produce heat. Long LED strips can be had for very cheap nowadays and you could easily pack a hundred or more LEDs into the tail lights which would produce SIGNIFICANTLY more light than the original setup. Technology moves forward, not backward. Take a look at the most powerful flashlights, they are all LED.

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Well yea, but imagine having a giant cluster packed in there. Most new cars use LED clusters in their lights for just that reason. They can project more light with less input power. The new mustangs have something like, 4 or 5 hundred LEDs in their tail lights I think. Just, very costly to replace if something in the cluster fails or you get hit by something = /

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Exactly I would'nt put an LED replacement bulb from AutoZone I would put a cluster find some one to build one for me or do the research and do it myself If it's not too difficult that way you could put it in any lighting configuration like for example You could put a row of mabey 4 LED strips on the top half of the tail and have a section light up for brakes in the middle and the outer ring of LED's are the driving lights and you could put rows of amber LED's on the bottom for the euro look The more I think about it for the clear casting the more I want to try it I stumbled across this site searching http://www.alumilite.com/howtos/Tail...gEquipment.cfm. It looks pretty straight forward I've never casted before but I'm down for a challenge

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