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Yet another weber jet question


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Right now my 510 has an l18 with a 32/36 in it with the stock jet settings


Main Venturi: 26/27
Aux Venturi: 3.5/3.5
Main Jet: 140/135
Em Tube: F50/F6
Air Corr Jet: 165/160
Idle Jet: 55/50
Pump Jet: 50
Needle Valve: 2.00


My car runs pretty rich with this basic setting. My plugs are pretty black. This is a tired motor and I need to step it back a bit. I have 130/125 mains and I want to know if I can just throw them in there or if I need to redo all the jets


If I were to jet it leaner. Is it simply a matter of of buying every jet setting one or two steps back? or could I replace the mains and be fine?

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It's not burning any oil. it's tired about about 10psi below specs but everything is 1/2 lb between each cylinder so it's not leaking. Valves are adjusted to a T. It just smells of gas and I get about 18mpg on 95% freeway. Initial puff of smoke when I gun it but again. I'm not losing any oil. So I can only assume because it's rich.



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