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V8 Datsun 280z

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Car: 1977 Datsun 280z

Title: Clean, In hand

Price:$4500 obo or trade

Condition: Fair

Location: Pineville, Louisiana 71360

Contact: Pm or The_Lykos88@yahoo.com



Motor: Stock 302, V8 motor from a 1990 Ford Mustang GT. Fuel injected, not carbed. I had the intentions of dailying it, so EFI was a first thought, and yes it clears the stock hood. Motor was completely rebuilt from a bare block that was resurfaced and honed. Everything internally is brand new aside from the Cams, Pistons, and Rods. Everything was bought new. For the record this motor came out of a 100% running mustang. The shell was used for another project. Same goes for the trans. Everything else was reused (Alternator, AC compressor, etc.) Although the water pump is brand new. Motor was professionally swapped with my help at First Choice Automotive. A shop that specializes in everything Ford, Namely Mustangs and is ran by hot rodders, not mechanics. These guys eat sleep and breath this stuff. its not just a 9 to 5 for them.


Transmission: We went with the original T5 tranny that came with the motor since it was still in great condition. Shifts smooth. Clutch pedal feels great and actually lined up damn near perfect with the Datsun factor location so no body modification was needed to make it work.


Mounts: Custom Motor mounts set the motor back as far as it for go for weight balance. Same for the trans mounts.


Exhaust: Custom dual exhaust blown through dual glasspack mufflers that exit out the sides just before the rear tires. Will throw a nice little flame visible at night if u get on it.


Driveshaft/Rear end: Had a custom shaft made for it which mated the mustang driveshaft to the Datsun R200 diff using a Pinion flange from JTR.


Suspension: Currently on old/stock suspension. But i do have 4 new shocks to replace the old ones which arent too bad. Bushing need to be replaced throughout the car. I have a brand new set of diff bushings i got from a buddy from Energy Suspension. Was eventually going to buy a master set from them since i get discounts on all parts.


Brakes: Brakes are there. But naturally, are a bit worn. I do have a new set of front calipers, Rotors, Wagner ceramic pads and brake lines. Also have a new brake master cylinder to with it as well.


Body condition: Being the car is old. naturally theres rust. previous owner did undercoat the bottom so under the car looks good. aside from the undercoating starting to peel off. Random rust spots in the around the body. (Rear quarters, front fenders, hood. And theres a spot that needs repair under the old battery tray location. But considering the cars age. It could be ALOT worse.


Interior: Its not too bad. typical rips on the seat. Dash is in great shape. all in all id give it a 6/10 but i have a FULL interior kit that will go with the car. (Carpets, seals, etc.)


Electrical: Since the motor install I havent had much time to tinker with it. Brake lights work. running lights work. head lights work. Left signal works, but the right signal will blink once. Simple blinker fuse swap should fix this. Havent had time to hook up any of the gauges (speedo, tech, etc) but the instrument panel display still works (turn indicators, high beam indicator, seatbelt light, rear defogger light) so its a matter of connecting wires, maybe swapping bulbs to get all that working.


Overall: Car runs and drives just fine. Cranks with no problem everytime. Its fun, Its fast, Its loud. And most of all, and head turner. Its a blast to drive up and down the street (with no hood or bumper on) and drop jaws.


But im looking for something more reliable right now. Going through a big transition in life right now. Which is why im looking for trades. All offers all welcomed. Asking price is set as well. For all the work that was put into i feel the price was reasonable. This wasnt some "Buy a kit and swap the motor" deal. This was all 1-off and the first serious project ive every done. And im very happy how it turned out. Seeing how ive owned the car about 3 months.



So, Show me what you have. Cash always talks. If your lookng to trade im more incline to nissans/datsuns. Clean hondas, and some Mazdas. Im a fan of old school cars so keep that in mind. Now for pics.

















































Thanks for viewing.

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wanna trade for my 280zx turbo? its a mostly stock 82 with an electronic boost controller, intercooler, and rrfpr... i drive it work every day and it runs great, new tires and comfy suspension, cd/mp3 radio for when you take the t-tops off. only real downers are the clearcoat comin off the hood and my combat boots tore the carpet infront of the driver's seat.

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