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Center exit exhaust... ever been done?

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I've been milling the idea over in my head the last few hours after seeing an old Chevy Luv.



I need to add a resonator to my exhaust, and I don't have much room because of the bends except at the back so I figured if I had it added post muffler, why not play with it a bit?


The idea was to relocate the license plate and run the exhaust straight out of the back on turn up's in the center, with a dual outlet tip.


Like this:



Sort of like this lambo:








From what I'm working with now:




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Mike, I'm not worried too much about carboning up my tailgate. I wash my truck often enough it's no biggie.


Only issue is deciding where to put the plate that won't look tacky and will be easily visible. I don't want to give cops a reason to pull me over.




Anyone got pics of Stretches? I can't seem to locate any

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^^Like this! Just that tip is.... not pretty.


I like how the guy said "and I don't get watery eyes anymore." That is me right now with my tailpipe cut off behind the muffler. I can't open the back windows because if I do I get smoked out! Eyes burning just going down the road, and sitting at a stop I am coughing. I am going to go center exit with a half oval cut out in the roll pan on my truck in Porsche style using this muffler:





I will be getting the tailgate re-skinned with a custom plate inset and have the "DATSUN" from my stock rusted out tailgate added in nearer to the top.



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