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1977 620 King Cab Project for Sale $800, Richland, WA

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I'm selling my king cab project truck that I just don't have the time or space for anymore. It's a 1977 with a clean title in my name. No headaches about lost titles or tracking down a dead owner's friend's mother's second cousin. I'm listing it as a project because right now, it is halfway into a motor swap. And anyways, aren't they all projects here?


It has a 2000 KA24DE swapped from a Nissan Frontier pickup with 31,000 miles on it. The motor runs great, as verified in the donor before I pulled it. I have an aftermarket fuel pump (high pressure for the fuel injection system) and Icehouse's easy wiring box to run the motor with the stock carbureted wiring in the truck. Because it's the truck motor, the oil pan was already the correct orientation and did not require a center link flip for oil pan clearance. It's sitting on Redline's custom motor mounts, but still needs the mount for the 5 speed Frontier trans fabricated. I've already cut and welded the drive shaft, and I've got the Frontier EFI harness. It all just needs to be put together.


I've also got a pristine dash for the truck, good glass all the way around, a factory tachometer, good doors and fenders without any cancer at all, good tail light lenses with no cracks, and a set of fiberoptic knobs with the illuminator still intact, and on top of all that, if you really wanted an original motor, I have 2 L18s that will go with the truck, one with a peanut head, and the other an unknown A87 (suspected peanut). I've got tan leather low profile seats from a Toyota MR2 which still need rail modification to go into the truck, and tons of new parts such as suspension bushings, wheel cylinders, wheel seals, L series rings and bearings, even a full set of new ball joints and disc brake hardware that you could resell. Plus some old replacement spares for lots of stuff.


First $1200 takes it all, picked up in Richland, WA (trailered). If I ever finally get around to putting it together, I'd be selling it for more than twice that, and as I get work done on it, I'll probably be raising my asking price, as well. I'll post pics this weekend, since it's dark when I get home from work.

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I will vouch for this Datsun.


I know the motor runs.

It ran while in donar.


Body of truck is solid.


Parts are legit as well.


Someone go save this Datsun!


Throw some pics up, David.

Help your cause a little bit more.


I will add in that if anything else will be needed for this, I have been trusted with a parts 620 we can make something happen with.

The parts one just happens to be 3 feet away from for sale truck.


Good guy.

I wish you luck, David.

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Thanks, Keith. Like I said, I'll get some pics up this weekend. It's practically dark by the time I get home from work. I should get home a little earlier today, maybe I can get one tonight.


I've also got it posted on Craigslist locally, so of course I reserve the right to sell it there at any time. If I still have light, I'm going to work on laying out the trans mount.

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As promised, here are a couple of pics. It looks much better put together, I promise. I've got the dash and seats and stuff in the garage, and since there's no power out there, it was too dark for good pics. I'll drag them out this weekend if it isn't sold yet.






Pic of the center link. 1" clearance to all points of contact with the oil pan. Oh, the idler arm, tie rod bushings, outer tie rods, and end link bushings are all new, and the steering box is adjusted tight with almost no play in it.




Redline mounts:




Needs the tranny mount fabricated. The stock transmission crossmember is there, it's just sitting on the frame rail. I was doing some measurement for cutting and welding the mount. I haven't cut yet.




Drive shaft cut and welded. This was done right. I even shimmed and accounted for the thickness of the paint when I jigged it for welding. It probably doesn't even need balancing, but to be on the safe side, it should be done.




The cab. Patch panel already welded in on driver's side to fix rust, patch panel is cut for passenger side, including replacing the rusted out body mount (drilled spot welds), but not welded in yet. Rockers will need rust work, or just cover them with Bondo-hair again like the PO did. :rolleyes:




And finally, a couple pics I took a long while ago. Note that the dented fenders are NOT the ones that are coming with the truck. The new ones are clean. (Front bumper and windshield valence are there, too, they just weren't on in the pics) I also have a spare hood, windshield valence, front valence (under the bumper), 2 or 3 front grilles, and a spare bumper for it, that are all in good condition.






Come on, I know someone wants this sweet truck! Come take it home.

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Sure, Steve, you can steal the pics. I'm not sure what you call the mounts, other than awesome.


I can get better pics of both sides if you want. For the Frontier motor, there's an intake support bracket on the passenger side that requires some clearance cutting to fit with the mount, but nothing too serious. Also, I'm not sure if it's particular to the 77 or maybe my motor mount rubber isn't original, but I had to expand the hole in your mounts for the alignment pin because it was too low for my pin. Not much work, but something to be aware of. I think these mount rubbers are original.

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Thanks for the feedback. :thumbup:


I would definitley like some more pics, especially where you had to clearance the mount. I'd like to make sure future mounts will work without mods.

Weird that the pin slot was to low... It may be that your mounts aren't original, but I will make the slot a bit longer in the next run.

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Ok, so I got some work done this weekend. The floors are now completely welded in and as soon as I get the transmission mount welded, it'll be back on the frame. After that, I expect things to move quickly, and I'll start raising the price. Is there no one out there who wants to put a little elbow grease into this great truck?






The seats I have for it:





The beautiful dash with the factory tach (yes, I have the speedo and the idiot lights, also) :




And one of the two L18's you'll get with the truck:





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Bump! Price dropped before the weekend. If I get it running this weekend, price will go up quite a bit, but I'm lazy and I have shit to do this weekend, so...


$1000 as it sits.

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Bump. Also forgot to mention that I have 2 sets of BMW projector headlights to go with the truck. I'm sure I have a ton of other parts that I'm forgetting about that will go also.

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Yeah, I thought this would have sold by now. Maybe everybody's broke right now? Anyway, more stuff on the list, I forgot that I even have paint for this thing. I have a gallon of acrylic urethane primer, a gallon of acrylic urethane in burgundy metallic, activator, and 2 gallons of urethane clear with activator.

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I haven't posted it in Yakima or Spokane. Price is back up to $1200. The floors are completely welded, the transmission mount is done, and the cab should be going back on today. I'll be reassembling the rest of this week, then wiring this weekend, and the price goes up again when I get it running. This really isn't a lot of work for someone who has the time. Someone buy it!


I can't post pics from the phone, but I will when I get home.

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Oh, and just to throw this out there, if somebody doesn't necessarily have the cash, I also like guns.. A lot. The bigger the better.


I can also deliver the truck within a few hundred miles if buyer pays the gas.

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So I got the cab on the frame and parts mocked up. Nothing's bolted on, but this is what the truck looks like right now.





Price is back to $1000, for good. If nobody buys it in the next two weeks, it's going to scrap. I have neither the time nor the inclination to bother with parting it out. I'm sure someone on here would like to have this truck, and for a hell of a price.

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