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521 Windshield Help Please


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Hey everyone! I just purchase my 1970 521 back in August and have been working on restoring her to new. It has proven difficult to find a new windshield for her and was wondering if anyone has a shop, internet site, or windshield that can help? Thank you.



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are you located in norfolk, va ?


if so here's a lead on a windshield.





Nissan Truck stock # NON $45 Hillside Inc. USA-VA(Broadway) E-mail 1-540-896-3794


184 miles from 23501 zip code.


I do live in Norfolk VA. Thank you for the response and information. Hope I can get it... Thanks again.



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you're welcome. i've transported a couple of these little windshields in the back seat of my dodge neon, the windshield is quite narrow.


also, i located that one through car-part.com it's a salvage/junkyard search engine. many other goodies can be sourced there for us east coasters.


good luck.

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I have one..its not cracked but the bottom is fogged up from moisture. I got it from pick n pull for $44 incase mine was ever broken completely. You never know..its happened haha


mines got one knick and is period correctfogginess, plus its oem original i dont want no imitation glass inmy datsun...id pay 350 to 400 for a fresh unit...but be so pissed at the first ding

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Even comes with an NRA sticker!



If you are willing to part with it let me know. I think I am in that desperate situation (danielrmorrison@yahoo.com). I did find a company that makes industrial windshields for race cars, and could make one for the truck, but said it isn't DOT approved. I will look around for everyone as well, and post if I find some with prices. Thank you.
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I have a brand new pilkington classics 521 windshield im trying to sell. I paid a little over 500 for it shipped. Ill let it go for $400. Pilington classics had 15 of them sent from europe about 7 years ago. It took them almost 6 years to sell them. The 1st one they sent me was shattered, so make that 14. They still make them in europe, but due to low demand they have no plans of having anymore brought from overseas. At least thats what they said to me when i talked to them 2 weeks ago. If anyone is interested PM me.

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I got one of these 500 shipped.

Just to let everyone know I contacted Pilkington Glass and they are all out of the windshields. They said they will get a shipment in, but it will be next summer. Additionally, Glass Seekers is a company they referred me to to find windshields and they found a few in VA and CA, but neither place shipped so it didn't help me. Just wanted to share.
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I just emailed Pilkington last week. They should have some in stock in about 60 days. Yes, expensive! But it is new glass (no nicks, etc.) I agree that factory parts just fit better. But due to the rarity of them, at least there's someone making them.


I also add the extra windshield insurance to all my cars. No deductible for new replacement windshields when broken by road hazards. I plan to use this insurance soon on my fiance's '69 Nova. Her windshield is getting almost as hard to find as one for a 521!

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Call around at some glass companies. They will come out and measure your window. They will then make a custom windshield for your truck. It will not be cheap but they can do it. If they can make special glass for rigs with chop tops ect then they can make one for you.

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