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Why do blondes have more fun?



They don't know any better.



My darling wife is a true blonde from head to toe, she volunteered me to move a friend to Las Vegas this past weekend. So I took care of the lawn and stuff before I left on thursday. I got back on monday but too tired to take care of the grass, so put it off until today, raining this morning so did not get started on it,took a nap instead, woke up this afternoon and rain had quit and sun had come out and grass was dry so I got right on it. Finished all the trimming and started to mow. (This is where the blonde thing comes in)


Called her thursday night and she said she wanted to get the sprinklers going because she didn't have time to water, have a pretty simple system compared to last house we lived in, told her all she had to do was set the clocks at the proper time ,and the timers for 5 am in the front yard and 530 am for the side yard. easy huh?


So I get out the mower and the sun is shining and I am getting soaked from the sprinklers that came on at 5 PM and I looked like a kid out there running through the sprinklers on a 90 degree day, got it done, neighbors got a good laugh and I will survive.


This is why I never ask her to help work on my Ratsun, God only knows what could happen

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My friends wife is blonde.She opens her cell phone,gets a number,closes it and puts it on the table.She then enters the number into the TV remote and puts it up to her hear.:blink:She realized her gaff when she noticed her husband trying to get off the floor unable to breath.:lol::lol:


Fast forward to the next day.MY blonde,not to be outdone,tries to turn the TV off with her cell phone.


I wish i could make this stuff up.

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haha, thats wrong and right at the same time


its all about the red heads though




but, we all know, every women have there blond moments, and as we all know, like sand in a hour glass, these are the days of our lives..... where we Laugh at them.....

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So a blonde is driving down a back country highway and see's another blonde in a field in a row boat,rowing like thiers no tomarrow. She get pissed off and truns around . she pulls up to the side of the field a nd yells "HEY YOU iTS BLONDES LIKE YOU THAT MAKE BLONDES LIKE ME LOOK STUPID AND IF I COULD SWIM I WOULD SWIM OUT THEIR RIGHT NOW AND DROWNED YOU"



And for redheads their great until they get mad oh shit watch out for the next 2 months because ur in for it


been married to 1 for 12:eek: years surprised i am still alive

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And for redheads their great until they get mad oh shit watch out for the next 2 months because ur in for it


been married to 1 for 12:eek: years surprised i am still alive


No friggin' shit!!! What a temper!! But well worth it in other ways too. :lol: She 13 years younger than me.:D:D:D Twenty years this month! Got the scars to proove it.

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Q: what does a blond and a beer bottle have in common?

A: they're both empty from the neck up.


Q: why did the blonde keep a coat hanger in her back seat?

A: in case she locks the keys in her car.


Q: what is the definition of the perfect woman?

A: a deaf and dumb blonde nymphomaniac whose father owns a pub.

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