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datsun 620 parts needed

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Well tell us about your 620. How did you end up with a Datsun? What are your plans for it? Do you have any pictures of it you can post? http://community.ratsun.net/topic/691-how-to-post-pictures-and-keep-online-photo-albums/ I don't think there are many 620s in Kansas.

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well i have a 510 as well and did an sr20 swap on it. and would like to auto cross with it possibly. as for my 620. i drove by a few times and was digging the truck and saw potential in it. I have no seen any 73 620 as far as around town. the work that i have done so far is i have bagged it and four linked the rear. I also made custom mounts and installed a high volt chevy alt. the reason for doing this was to help accommodate the draw from the pumps.(the original alt didnt cut it) . i would like to know what other manual trannys will fit behind the l16? engine work... not sure, i would really like to find a manifold to fit the R1 carbs (which i have already). and i dont know yet?

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Lots of options for transmission on a L16....Z cars...280zx. Also will have to have drive line shortened cut new hole for shifter.


Others could tell you what works best for trucks...gearing etc.




EDIT: post some pics of your 510 in the 510 section also!

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