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Stock hitachi electric choke


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The choke has a coil inside it, actually a bi metallic strip that unwinds when heated by the electric heater element inside it. If you look there is a loop on the end in the center that must have the choke plate rod through it. This way when the coil unwinds it turns the choke plate to the open position. When it cools it winds up tighter and closes the choke plate.

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Haha.......lemme know if you need pics, Con'vert :) It usually takes me a couple of cold morning starts to see if I have my chokes twisted close to right :)


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Well it's back on and running great.... One small kinda dangerous problem haha throttle gets stuck and I have to put the clutch in and rev to get controle back. I tried adjusting the choke a bit and it did help but still does it sometimes.... Adjust the choke more? Or am I having bigger problems?

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That's likely normal.


In operation, when on, the choke will force an over rich condition and will run poorly at normal idle. Therefore there is a fast idle setting that is used whenever the choke is on. This fast idle of 1,800 to 2,200 RPMs warms the motor faster and makes it easier to drive when cold.


You do not have to wait for the motor to warm up. 15-20 seconds to check everything and put on your seat belt is plenty. Waiting to warm up is a waste of gas. Drive as soon as it is safe to do so.

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Well it had no issues at all till I put the electric choke back on. Also the gas pedal returns to normal position when I release it. But it keeps accelerating like I'm on the gas


Then the fast idle cam may be sticking on. Spray carb cleaner or WD-40 in this area...



See the screw with the little lock nut? Just above is the plastic fast idle cam. It has steps on it and rotates with the choke to give faster or slower idle when the choke is on. When the choke is off it should fall down out of the way by it's own weight. Spray it well, hold the throttle open and open and close the choke butterfly by hand. You should see this fast idle cam turn back and forth. Likely the linkage is dirty and sticking.



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