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30610 - C7300 clutch cylinder

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Yeah, the diagonal bolt holes. 200SX, 280ZX, 720 pickup, I think I've seen those on all, but all have side outlets too.


The "Part Type Number" (C73) isn't on RatDat's list, which covers up to about 1980-81. The numbers C60-C71 are for the type 160 Patrol, the preceding numbers C42-C57 are for type 60 patrols. Since both the 160 and 260 Patrols were made in the 1980s (160 from 1980-1989, 260 from 1986-2002). The 260 was never made in Japan (the 160 was), but both the 160 and 260 were made in the Middle East (Tehran).

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