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Possible new NL320 owner


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There is a decent '65 sitting on a dirt road near my buddies house that he said I could have if I wanted it. The tail lenses are cracked, as is the windshield and the engine is a rusty block with no rods,oil pan or head sitting in the bed.


I might be able to mold new lenses, but where can I find a windshield? Also wondering what other datsun engines will bolt to that trans or do I need another 320 engine?


I'll get some pics next time I'm out there. Not sure if it's worth dragging home yet....


Any advice is appreciated

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Welcome to Ratsun B)

You can put a J13 in it from a 520/521, not sure about the adapter plate.

Is it a floor or column shift transmission?

If it is a floor shift, it likely it will bolt right to a J13, or you could just use the J13 engine/block, if you get the engine mounts(J13 mounts) from the engine to the frame(all bolted in), it will bolt right in.

You have any photos of this truck?

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Oh check that out! That's awesome.

Welcome to Ratsun, Matt. I also live in Grants Pass.


That truck looks strangely familiar.. had a friend back in the day that lived in Cave Junction, and she has a 411 apparently. Haven't talked to her in years and I think she moved off for awhile, and probably lost interest, but she said there were lots of Datsuns laying around the property out there. That was as far as our convo's went about the Datto's. I'm wondering if that's one of them?


Anyways moar pics!

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If the roof is the only place with bondo, that's actually in pretty nice condition. Easily worth the money to the right person.....if that person has the ability to do his own work or the money to pay someone else. Almost makes me miss mine a bit...........almsot. :)

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