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SF Bay Area Ridges and Canyons Run (Date TBD)


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That is Jim's, the barefoot Tax Man.  His car is awesome, back half is a 68.  He told me he drove that on dirt roads for 3 days straight out in Nevada or something.

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He once got a speeding ticket with four other Dimes on the way to Shasta while drinking beer in his 2dr,but only got it for speed ,hid the open beers in back seat , mine was on trailer or I would of been racing up to Shasta City with them getting my ticket. .Good times!

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I'm usually down for whatever.......teh 29th would be better for me.


.....but if we did the 30th...could we do late morning??

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How about a new route?  I'm thinking meet at Presidio Yacht Club/ Horseshoe Bay at the North Eastern foot of the Golden Gate.  It is an awesome spot for Oics.  Then maybe run up Mt. Tam then on up to Bodega Bay, thoughts?


Any weekend is good for me, I'll update the Title when we get a few more on board.


We should plan a lunch stop too...

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New route:


Meet up here:



Cruise over to this area:



then up here:



Around some lakes:



Stop here for gas and grub:



Then cruise out to here:



Google tells me this route is about 90 miles and 3hrs 20min driving time. 


29th or 30th is good for me :)


Consensus on meet-up time?

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29th is better for me......but if we have to do the 30th.....I'm requesting a later departure time.



I'll be in Hayward in the early morn.


...............be back around 10:00a.m.



If you wait for me....................I promise to stay rubber side down :blush:

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There is some ongoing construction on the route but it is M-F so hopefully we will be able to fill this half mile single lane tunnel with Dattos!


Baker-Barry Tunnel, Marin Headlands



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