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SF Bay Area Ridges and Canyons Run (Date TBD)


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Next Cruise:





When is good for you?



I have met a few local Ratsuneers around the Northbay and thought I would try to get some people together for a meet and cruise before the rainy season starts. I am open to ideas/ dates and may need some help planning the route but was thinking we could meet and start the day off at the Bodega Head parking lot in Bodega Bay. It is an epic spot for those who have never been. From there head down Hwy 1 then up into the twisties on the way to the top of Mt. Tamalpais. I am not very familiar with that area but judging from some pictures it looks quite spectacular.

http://goo.gl/maps/bkMJx < Here is a quick route I googled up, input is welcome. Y'all let me know if there is interest in this and we can start to nail down a date. I'm thinking the first or second weekend in October?

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noooooo!!!!! that's my favorite drive up there! definitely do hwy 1 from bodega to mt tam...exactly as highlighted in your google maps thing. there are some beautiful views and the road is amazing. all smooth pavement too! watch out for the hills though. there are 2-3 spots where you crest a hill and can't see over the other side. don't go more than 50-60 over those. I hit one at 65 (not in the dime) and the suspension almost topped out.... :eek:

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I would like to add this to the events calender but my browser is wonky. Let's meet at Bodega Head at 9ish and try to hit the road by 9:30 or 10? How does that sound to everyone planning on being there?

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Oh ya....just FYI.....it's $8 to park at the top of Mt.Tam if you plan on hangin' out up there. :hmm:



It's worth it if you haven't been there before.

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There's plenty of places to pull over, and take pics, or park for a while for free . it's just those 2 or 3 parking lots that charge money


10am is early enough .. :lol: .. . do we have to find the Marina's in Bodega?, or is it on the HWY 1 side of the bay?

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Yeah I guess 9 is a lil early, I am kind of a morning person by trade lol.


The spot in Bodega bay is past all the marinas. It is a left off Hwy 1 Northbound onto Eastshore Road, then a right onto Bay Flat Road, then continue on West Shore road until you get to the lot (the end of the Earth). Maybe 5 min from Hwy 1. It is right next to the A point on my map. There is a beach and a memorial for fishermen lost at sea.


Thanks for the tips on parking Triple240z and Indy

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I really want to get a pic of my dime out on HWY 1 IN the fog one of these days. not above or below, but in the middle of the fog...theres a spot, hard to describe where, but its after a fork, you go left, where you come around a corner and out of nowhere there are 2 rows of trees on the sides of the road for about 20 ft forming a small tunnel of trees...looks sooooo gnarly with the fog. I've just never been through there with the datto

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its like, youre on HWY 1 and you fork towards Mt Tam (the east peak) and you have another fork, right continues to the peak and left heads towards bolinas. if you head towards Bolinas its right after a left turn pretty soon after the second fork....it would be badass and I will be angry if any of you beat me to it :P

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