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brake lines for 71 510 wagon

Dirty Evo

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i feel super stupid even for asking this, but all i am finding, whether ROCK AUTO or local auto parts or EBAY is lines for SEDAN


I need to replace the brake lines on my 510 wagon (71).. are they same lines as the sedan or if not anybody have a source? the REAR ones on websites actually say "EXCEPT WAGON"


not looking for anything fancy, just replacing the tired old kinked, frayed, damp lines....



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Remove the old ones and measure the individual lengths. Buy pre made lengths of brake line from auto supply store, the same or the closest over length and bend them yourself. Might not hurt to get a brake line flaring tool to shorten some longer lengths. Bend around a baseball bat handle. Make sure the fittings are out at the ends before bending as they probably can't be moved past the bends once made.... just tape them there.


The line from the front, on the goon, stops before the rear differential and joins to a flex line. Flex line down to the rear axle and to a brass T connector. One long and one short line from the T out to each rear brake cylinder.

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I did pretty much what mike said to do.


I took the old cracked line out and used a string to measure it and then went to the local parts store and bought a line about that same length and it was already flared. So I just used my old line to copy the bends onto the new one and re-installed it.


Here is a pic of my old and new line. New on bottom.



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Hey all I make brake lines custom , stainless lines red,blue,charcoal and clear 30 each, rubber 20 and the rear line is like 17" and longer then fronts ,and I always convert fronts to banjo bolts if not zx cal. they still can be converted .Metal lines I sell EZ bend tubeing can be bent arround rubber mallet easy corners no kinks ,I also have full length tubeing for tunnel made stock from firewall to rear,but too long to ship maybe roll up and ship ,also banjo ss hose to convert auto,one hose from clutch mc to slave..Call if need help (562)696-5995 So cal.

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