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Sidedraft question


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I just transfered over the Cannon intake/Weber sidedrafts that were on Wasserman's Wonder to My chopped project truck. Also, I placed the Offenhauser intake with 390 fourbarrel which was on Choptana to W.W. Now, when the fourbarrel was on Choptana, the vacuum hose came off of a brass fitting on the bowl area of the carb which ran to the (Mallory) distributor. On W.W., the distributer has a rubber plug on the vaccuum advance. I can hook that up as it was on Choptana. But there are only 2 ports on the Cannon intake that I see for vaccuum and none that I can find on the carbs. I plan to take the largest intake port and hook up the brake booster line. The somewhat smaller port will (should??) be used to hook to the PCV outlet on the side of the engine block.


Here is the question: Where on the Webber sidedrafts can I hook up the distributor vaccuum line? Also, if You guys that have dealt with sidedrafts know this answer, can You post a photo showing just where to attach the vaccuum line please?


Please don't suggest electronic dizzys. I will do that later. I just for now have to hook that line up. Or should I just run the truck with the rubber plug on the distributor? Thanks

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in my situation

My 40mm mikunis have a port on one set and my 44mm dont.


I assume when you run carbs like you or the manufacture thinks that you would have run a quicker advance dissy.


I personally dont have a port and just run nothing to the dizzy. sidedrafts you might ewant to start at 12-15deg and run it and see whayt happens.

I have had n proplem running a SSS with points then swapping a Pertronix latter

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Hi Hainz,


I have twin 40DCOE2 carbs. Is there a port somewhere on them? There are various screws but I WILL NOT mess with them. I am very illiterate on engine stuff. Usually, what I touch like that turns to st!!! Thanks!

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OK, to clarify a little. My mechanic showed, and told Me, why the vaccuum fitting was on the bowl of the Holly 390. He explained that as You accelerate, that advances the distributor through the hose. He then explained that You only want vacuum from the carb and not the intake for this purpose as the carb is a more accurate pressure to the distributor. He explained that the intake port will be too strong causing the distributor to mostly be advanced, and that by design it should come off of the carb. As You can see, I am not knowledgable on a lot of engine/motor/trans stuff. I have always focused on bodywork. So what I am wanting to do is correctly install the distributor advance hose to the most logical part of the sidedraft somewhere. Thanks.

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downdrafts carbs I assume at the base there is a vacuum port.


on Mikuni sidedrafts there is a port on one of the 2 barrels that is used out of 2 carbs which is not much vacuum. Also Like a stted my 44mm Mikuni on my yellow car has NO ports what so ever.

So if your putting a set of sidedraft DCOE carb on and has no port dont worry about it. just adv the dizzy a few degress and see what happens. Most racer will change the weights in these so they advance faster. But I have had no proplems.


as for the statment on the vacuum adv what your mechanic said Im sure hes right and know what hes doing but if you punch the throttle really fast you will lose vacuum thus really RETARDING the distributor. Why cause when you intially open the butterflies up you will loose airspeed. I dle you will have more airspeed cause more cylinders are needing air thru such a small opening.


the photo below has a port for the dizzy on red car,yellow car dizzy has no vacuum adv(carbs dont have a port on them)



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Hi Hainz,


OK, I just posted on the truck section, 620 show truck thread what I have. Check it out if You have time please. That is the intake setup now on Choptana. Can You enlarge Your red 510 photo and email it to steroid620@yahoo.com ? I'm trying to see where the other end of the hose is connected. Thanks!!

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