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1972 610 goon parts

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I've decided to disassemble my '72 610 wagon.. [ooops.. it's actually a 73.. my mistake.]

I'm in Flint/mid michigan.. and want to dismantle then cut up remainder with a sawsall for transport to scrap yard

[ if someone doesn't come and get it before I take the saw to it?]

the body is disintegrating but some parts are salvageable..

motor, glass(not windscreen), signal lamps, some trim & interior parts and that sort of thing.

Mechanical parts like tranny & block would likely need a rebuild, but ran ok about ten years ago when I last started it.


..any interest? let me know and thanks... Chris

email? same name: stnarcnesor@yahoo.com


some of the smaller stuff might end up here or on e-crater as I get pix

I'm having trouble figuring out how to upload them here at the moment.

there is one pic on my profile of the "combat car"

this is not an auction and reasonable offers okay.. no pricing yet as it's not broken down.

want the whole car? 300$ or best as a starting point if I have to put a price on it.

(of course that's a come & get it with a trailer situation, it might roll if the tires will hold any air)

Gonna try to air 'em up later this week

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