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LZ22 in 521/exhaust manifold or header


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Just find yourself a L16 exhaust manifold off a 521 pickup, be sure to get the header pipe all the way under the truck as well(past the torsion bar), that is the best avenue over the long term.

A header is nice, but they only last about 5 years(good one), and they are noisy sometimes, but I am running a LZ23, and I just can't see having a restricted L16 exhaust on such a big engine.

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Engine in is L20 with round port w53 head. But ya no way to get stock manifold down pipe. I do have stock mani off of some square port, but no to connect it



All the literature out there says that the W53 head only came with square exhaust ports which looks like the photo below.


The photo above is my W53 head with the intakes ported to match an intake manifold I have with 1 1/2 inch round intake ports.

The W58 head came with round exhaust ports and had liners in the exhaust ports like shown in the photo below.


So which head do you have, round intake and square exhaust, or round intake with round exhaust(with liners)?

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You have a round port exhaust manifold, so I would use that, as it matches the head.

I have used a square port exhaust manifold on a W58 round port head before and it worked fine(did not leak), but I only planned to use it till the machine shop finished my W53 square port head which took about 5 months, as the race cars took priority over my stuff.

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A square manifold will work on a round port head but not the other way round. Use a square port gasket. The L16 manifold separates the firing order cylinder one is paired with four and three with two then these two pipes are joined to the down pipe and finally joined into one. The L20B manifold just dumps all four cylinder into a single outlet. All in all I would rather have the square port L16 manifold... fuck the L20B manifold or a header.

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