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Looking at diagnostic scanners for OBD1 and OBDII

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I'm looked for a good code scanner. I'm fairly new to codes scanners so I'm not too sure what they can and cannot do. Basically I need one that will do my 510 ('91 KA24DE), acura CL and friends and relatives cars.


If the scanner says it reads OBD1 and it gives a list of makes it reads, will it read all OBD1 or just the ones listed? Do I just need to buy the correct connector to read other OBD1's not on the list?


I was looking at the Equus Innova 3140. Anyone using one of these on their OBD1 Nissan? Are they any good?


What scanners are you guys using?



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I've have the 3140 at work. It works well for OBD2. Never used it on a OBD1 vehicle because I didn't have the right adapter for my Z32. I use different Nissan specific software for it anyway.


http://www.nissandatascan.com/ - Buy a blazt cable from ebay for cheap and you are good to go.

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The problem with OBD-1 scanners is that you need vehicle specific connectors.

Whereas OBD-2, its a common DLC(Data link connector.)


If only using the reader for codes-anything will work. Don't go all out.

But if you want one to watch data stream and freeze-frame data, spend some extra money.


Blue Point/Snap-On have a neat little scanner.

Not too much money for what it can do.

Pay cash to a Snap-On man, and it just dropped price by 30-50%.


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Guys, awsome feedback and info! I really appreciate it. Thanks

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