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r16 intake + dual su's + OE air cleaner assembly.

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the stuff is in a box buried in my shed.

i had bought the setup sight unseen for 300 through a friend claiming they were off a l16 so i was stuck with them.

disassembled the carbs to clean and oil them so they wouldn't corrode.

if somebody shows an interest i will take some pictures and post them up after digging them out.

even have the firewalll engine plate from the donor car.

sale would be through ebay with a buyit now of $250 or ebay auction starting at $200 if multiple people want it. ( ive been burned on forums too many times)


Let me know!


Also if your in phoenix let me know and you can just look at them.

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Is the donor car a roadster [sPL311] or a RL411 sedan? There ARE differences and you claim to have the "engine plate" which should have the information. The "Firewall engine plate" to me implies a roadster salvage since the ID plate on the RL411 is on the left front fender, but with only the plate you will have to quote the model designation on the plate..

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