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New 79' 620 KC owner


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Im new to Datsuns but I like to learn new things. I've always wanted a truck and the 620 really grew on me. I purchased my first datsun maybe like a month or 2 ago. I have talked to a few datsun owners from another forum I believe he is on here, hopefully he chimes in. I have just been browsing the forum and gathering more information on my truck. I finally decided to create my intro thread to share my developing love for cars and maybe get some answers to questions that may arise through the process of restoring my truck. The previous owned He took shitty care of this car, it had a bunch of trash and crap in the truck bed, the inside was filty. The car has does not turn over (stuggles), weak crank and I also have a blown passenger rear tire. Enjoy the pics. Right now the truck is non running, cranking but not turning over. I have replaced A blown tire, starter, fusible link, and checked my spark plugs ( I could use new ones but im still getting spark). My "future" plans is to either rebuild the l20b or do a ka24e/de swap and just bring this truck back to life and daily it. ON TO THE PICTURES!!!




I am hoping to get this truck running, if anyone has any extra parts or anything they want to give or sell I am interested in anything usable. I have a few things I can also trade but not much. Interior bits, exterior panels, or engine parts/accessories, doors, seats, anything.

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have you read this yet. V




Welcome to Ratsun, looking forward to the 620 KC pic's. ;)


Thanks that would have been one of the things I looked at while I was browsing the forum :frantics:

Finally got an intro thread going, alright! Still not wanting to start hmm? My truck is down too. Tried to make it to Boise in 100+ degree weather, bad idea. Welcome to Ratsun! :thumbup:


ouch if you ever need help with anything im always down to come by and help so we can chat, also so I can learn a thing or two :D


2eDeYe' timestamp='1347460305' post='755967']

Welcome. How is the battery you are using?


It doesnt look aged like the truck and shows no sign of corrosion, but I guess you cant tell by looks. I should get it tested. The guy before me was able to get the truck to start when I first bought it but I think he did something to assist the car in starting. After it sat for a day it wouldnt turn over after that.

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