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adjustable suspension and steering questions!!!


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So I was able to pick up an sr20 for a good price and figured now would be the best time to install the late 5lug 200sx struts I am getting from a friend for better braking , my main worry is not to long ago I went spend crazy and bought pretty much everything t3 makes besides their coilovers(lcas, tc rods, outer tie rods, and rcas) and was wondering if all these can still be used with the 200sx struts or not . Luckily I talked to t3 and they said they would do an exchange since none of the parts have even been mounted, thanks in advance for the help

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None of the suspension parts listed bolt to the strut itself. As long as you keep and use the 510 LCA it should work ok. If just wanting a brake upgrade the zx and Maxima struts have large calipers, vented rotors and they are 4 bolt to match the rears. You are still going to need a larger master cylinder if going to larger calipers no mater which you choose.

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The only "problem" you'll run into (and this is also true for the 4lug s12 200sx struts) is that the cup at the bottom of the strut which interfaces with the steering knuckle is a larger diameter than the boss on the steering knuckle. The bolt size & spacing is correct, though. The cup and boss are meant to be a tight fit so that the two bolts connecting the steering knuckle to strut are not the only attachment points in single sheer. You can turn a spacer to take up the slack, or find someone to make RCA (roll center adjusters AKA bump steer spacers) that go from the 510/280zx size steering knuckle boss to the 200sx size strut tube cup. Mattndew76 has made some of these in the past (I have a set) and you could try pm'ing him to see if he has any left or plans to do any more.

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