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New Nissan brake master cylinders for 411 sedans and 1500 roadsters.


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"DatsunParts.com: Brakes-1500", part number 1560 is a genuine Nissan brake master cylinder part number 46010-10800. It is coded in the 410 / 411 parts manual as for the left hand drive 411 except for the 1.6 liter, but the only difference I can see is the smaller brake fluid tank. I will take pix and post them when I get set to install this unit on my 1.6 liter RL411 [despite what the parts manual says]. and will drive it to the JCCS show on 15 September. OOHS and AHS welcome if it works as well as I anticipate.

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Swap done! Looks great even with the smaller brake fluid cup. Feels just right on the pedal. I will drive the hell out of it the next 3 days to ensure that the fluid level stays constant. I took pix but am trying to get my computer to accept the shots since I forgot to initialize the new memory chip I put in my camera.

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Made it to and from my home [only 16 miles each way - disclaimer] to the JCCS at the Queen Mary today with no problems. My personal take, a very acceptable OEM substitute for the NLA original NABCO 7/8 brake master cylinder for the RL411. Remember "wrong side brake line outlet" for a roadster is the correct outlet side for a RL411.

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