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So.Cal/Torrance Japanese Classic Car Meet (Monthly)


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 It was bound to happen. No organization, it was running wild since the 80s.....sooner or later crazoes would mess it up.  It has happened several times in the past years. I remember in the 90s there was a drug bust and it closed down untill years later.  In the 80s a big brawl that was on the news closed it down. 


 RIP Torrance 

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I heard the cops shut it down....anyone know what happened?


Just like we talked about. You get a bunch of flat billers smokin dope and drinkin beer it's bound to bring the PO PO out.

And let's not forget the last time I went out there we had the fuckin ass hats in the mustangs doing burn out's on the way in.

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Ok well guess I'll be showing up for the first time....hope to see others there. Except AH's as you said, to fug it up. I hate to be that guy but maybe if we take down plate numbers of peeps acting up and turn them in to cops when they arrive they might see were not there to cause problems and are willing to turn in those who cause it. Imo.

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The last meet had a pretty good turnout. Just wasn't too many datsuns...

Come on out guys! I thought everybody was pretty mature. The cops came and said on the announcer that the first friday was no longer a meet.

Buuut.. i don't think that matters. This is probably the best meet i've been too other than the huge best buy meet they have once a year.

Bring out the Datsuns! Represent!

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I just finished puttting on toyota brakes on the z. So i'll be going tonight. Freeway brake test!

I don't care what anyone says about brake bias, master cylinders, blah blah blah.

These things stop your car like god is smashing a brick wall into the front of your car.

s12+8 stock rotors stock brake lines stock master cylinder.

All that is gonna change soon though i doubt its neccesary

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