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So is that 60 good or bad.looks like the point when a big trucks air brakes go in to low alarm. Not good I would say. Let me know I got a FJ20 for sale.

The compression test shows how much each cylinder is compressing the fuel/air before it is lit by the spark plug. The little numbers inside the gage roughly correspond to the actual compression ratio -1 so cylinder 1 is building around 9.75:1 compression. The other 3 are less than 6:1 so 1/2 of the fuel/air mixture is leaking out of the cylinder (probably past a broken ring) and making half as much power as cylinder 1.

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All we know is that we are glad to have gotten it out of the car on Friday.  Yesterday I was re-purposed as a ceiling fan installer and dump run guy.  The fan works great and the yard looks nice again but the SR20 is still untouched.  Today after the grocery store and an errand or two I hope to get the clutch and flywheel off then put it on the stand.


The Engine Room thanks for spelling it out for Tanker!  I think he was just being cute though...  


FJ20's are pretty neat but I can't imagine parts are easy to get.

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Might be cheaper to find a jdm long block?


I have no idea.. just tossing out ideas. Jdm forced induction can be a shot show also..


I'm staying tuned.. gl!

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Probably a good time for forged internals too. Maybe a bore job will work for you.


I went with CP Carillo pistons for my CA. Everyone says they are noisy on cold starts, but stand up way better than anything else to a bad tune (like driving 50 miles home pinging the hole time); this is due to the alloy 2618, which many other companies use. Also, they seem to have one of the tightest tolerance for weight matching of Piston makers, mine were +/- 0.8g.

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Oh man you messed with the danger zone and got burned. I take it you didn't have a wide band ?


Hopefully you can get a way with boring the sleeves to the next size up you can make it a 2.2 . Then get injectors and a tune

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Do Not Like..... I have a spare ka block you can have, needs a busted bolt removed and a good .20 cut before use. Also have a spare kade crank and single cam head.

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Scored a new engine. 


The 300k fit sure comes in handy!





Eagle rods, Supertech 9:1 pistons, clevite bearings, bc valve springs and retainers.  New valves new timing kit ARP bolts Greddy pan blah blah blah.  Also got a fancy fuel rail and some big injectors.


I need to order a few odds and ends but should be back up and running in less than a month. :frantics:

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Yesterday the new SR was finally dropped in.  I have been messing around with it for the last few weeks trying to get everything ready.  I had a small hiccup when removing the rocker arm stoppers that the PO had installed.  I bought a cheap HF inch-pound torque wrench and the first time I used it I broke 2 cam cap bolts and almost a third.  I was successful removing the first by supergluing the bolt back together and twisting it right out.  The second I had to drill and extract which actually worked but I sure was nervous doing it.


I had some parts lying around and had ordered a bunch more.  New dipstick and tube had to be custom bent and the addition of a turbo blanket caused quite a bit of work.  Getting the oil feed tight proved to be quite a challenge. 




Stripped valve cover  B)




I was lucky to have a pro come over and keep me on track.  Rag10 (Tim) was super helpful and shared all kinds of tricks that really made the install smooth.  We got the flywheel and clutch on then re-torqued the crank pulley and dropped it in.  :w00t:




The next couple afternoons I need to install the starter then intake, get the radiator back in then hook up all the plumbing and wiring and it should be good!  Track day is Saturday!!!



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