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Sh!ts and Giggles 510


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This was one of the rare occasions I was willing to drive around locally looking for parts instead of waiting for shipping. ;)  It turns out a lot of places only sell the hog rings online. :confused:

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This was one of the rare occasions I was willing to drive around locally looking for parts instead of waiting for shipping. ;)  It turns out a lot of places only sell the hog rings online. :confused:


Had the same problem recently, couldn't find any stores that had them. I went to a hardware store that has been around for 40+ years and they had them in the back, collecting dust.  :rofl:

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Damn! Nice work. I'll have to ask for your help when in recover my z seats.


Heck yeah!  I would love to help, or watch and enjoy a cold one ;)  This  turned out to be a very first-timer friendly sort of project. 


I always buy my hog rings from local upholstery shops. They will usually sell me a small baggie for a few bucks.


I thought about visiting the local upholsterer, but feared I would walk out with new foam and seat covers too ;)



On another note, I just procured an R180 4.11 K case from a 88 200sx, hoping my 04 STi LSD will swap in...



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Hey 510T what's up.. I tried to look for it no wagon and can't find it, by any chance you meant I know wagon or something or some other key word.. so I can recheck look for it again.


Geez also not easy to find M30 in my area, I already went 4 junkyards lol.. I just have to keep looking to other junkyards.


You have good size rims.. but different offset size and I want to ask you, with your m30 coilover set up z32 fronts n maxima rear brakes.

Is it possible to run 15x8 fronts 15x9 rears with 0 offset rims.. or do you think the inside lip of the rim will touch hit the m30 struts? I think that m30 strut set up pokes out more the rim away from the strut than 280zx struts, so if it does I won't have no problems if I run 0 offset and light stretch tires. (But definitely I need to go flares like you did 8s fronts n 9s back right?)


If I go 15x7 fronts with 15x8 rears all 0 offset plus stretch tires I can make it fit n run without flares or not rolling the fenders.. ? Pretty much I will have to play with camber n make it fit.

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M30 is a rare car but they do pop up in the yards. I always check inventory online before going.


A 15x8 e.t. 0 will fit on the strut without coming anywhere close to rubbing on the inside.  I can't say how well it would fit on the fender side.  I have 9's all around.


7 and 8 would be easier but you might need a positive offset for the fronts to fit in the fender well.

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Thanks Indy!!!! I love these :wub:


   At the last BBQ my turn signals got some attention.  I have to thank rag10 and friends for setting me up.  He determined that there was no power to the turn signals so a quick fuse jumper and we were in business.  There was also an issue with the 4 way switch so we by-passed that and they worked great, :D until later when I got home I somehow fried the turn signal switch.  Upon dis-assembly I could not see anything burnt but then I busted one of the little carboard pieces.  Now I have a "NOS" "made in Japan" turn signal switch on the boat from "Thailand". 

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Thai Post came through!  The switch arrived yesterday.  I immediately noticed that the body was different but all the other parts were the same.  I decided to just swap all the electrics over to my old core.


I love how the importance of Datsun parts is universal!












The part I broke:




No more oics but it all went back together and works great!  Thanks again Rag10, TENDRIL and Busta Nut :D

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Damn.. you should have taken more pictures! 


I've seen these on ebay. Good to know the guts swap. Were you able to swap the turn signal arm itself? Those arms wear out and get sloppy!

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Damn you Draker!


So I had just swapped the electric stuff on, put it back together and called it good.  It is possible to change the arms, thanks for asking ;) .



These two screws need to be ground down to remove the peened end and allow them to come out.






This snap ring has to come off:






All the parts:




Do it again:




All that remains is the original base.  I cleaned it then recycled the grease from the new one:




The lever is slightly shorter and closer to the wheel, but the feel is nice and crisp :D . 

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  • 3 weeks later...

Another day at the Track!  On 12/19 demo243, skyblue, and I descended upon Thunderhill's East Course for a day of driving these 510's like they were built to be driven!


Conditions the night before, oic by demo243:




In the paddock:










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I haven't been on here in a while, but its nice to see that you just keep beating the crap out of your car! Looks like you have so much fun with it, which in my opinion is what its all about! And of course I love seeing all the in car videos, for obvious reasons! 




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Got into the filler neck swap. 






I used those threads and copied almost exactly. 


This little project was my first foray into hammer and dolly metal moving.  I channeled my inner 510keeper and went after it.  To mount the new filler neck I wanted to remove the lip on the filler pocket so the neck would sit flat and make full contact on the body.  I'm sure my neighbors loved it.  :rofl:






I also did a little bit of reshaping on the outer retainer ring to get it to sit nice and flat in the pocket.




Drilled out the body to match the new setup:




I ended up placing the vent in the way of the trunk hinge. Oops.  I tried bending it out of the way but there is still some contact with the rubber hose.








Finished but no more oics, I'll take some later today.  I can't wait to fill up and take a hard left turn ;)



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I did this swap a while back. Good stuff!


There is a sweet spot where you can get the filler vent to clear the trunk hinges and still he high enough to vent.

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