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Friday morning as my wife was leaving she calls me outside. There's this big raptor walking around on the roof of my goon. When startled he jumped down on the ground so I walked around to see and he flies up and tries to sit on the driver's window ledge and mirror.










Didn't seem afraid at all and you could get within 10 feet. He was hanging around there yesterday morning too.

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Someone loose their pet facon? If its not scared of humans it was probably raised by them. Check CL for lost pets.


I used the term "pet" but alot of people are into falconry. In fact its considered a form of hunting in the Regs. At least it is here in Wa.


Edit: not banded tho........hmmm still.

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He was alert and hopped easily down and back up on the cars, effortlessly actually. Three times he landed on the 710 drivers mirror like he wanted to get in and go for a drive. Maybe he just saw his reflection in the glass. I held out my arm to see if he would come to me.... and quickly dropped that idea!! lol

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