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well on this board it's more like newer cars you used to own. i thought it might be a cool thread. post up some cars that lead you down the datsun path. before i got into datsuns i was an nissan man, not very creative, but they are great cars! anyway over 3 years i had what i called the first skyline powered 240sx in GA. it was a complete dud, the shop that did the motor swap was a real turd. but when it ran it was a lot of fun. plus peaple were still amazed with the rb motor back then. well after a couple years i started seeing 240's everywhere and i wanted to be unique again, so i sold it.

here's not to long after building


after paint, and installing wheels that didn't fit at all!!! i was learning




i guess i lied a little, i was starting to get into datsuns during having it. only 2 things came from the turbo z. i still have the wheels, and i learned to check for rust when buying a datsun!!!



so even before that i had my 1994 altima, witch really got me into modifying cars in the first place. i don't have the old shots but i still have it and plan on bringing it back to life soon. heres is a few crappy shots, i think i am going to start a project thread on this one one soon.


i had a cold air intake on the car and i managed to suck water into the motor while on vacation on st george island in florida! i had just stated to go classy with the styling and installed a full black katskin interior. this is why i never scraped the car!! btwthe unfitting rims off the black 240 are acaully the altima rims, which i still have. these are sittin rims.



post some pics of your old cars if you want, i wish i had pics of the mighty max and the cream two-tone 240sx i had in high school. of course i know you guys have had like 47 datsuns, and 2 toyota's!

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swap a KA into that Altima! :)


My first car was a Datsun 310GX, soo.... I wasn't really into cars at all back then but it got me used to the Datsun name.

Then I bought an Isuzu truck, then a 280ZX and it was all downhill from there.

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ka is what blew up in the altima! but i have a 2000 altima ka motor that is already modified to fit the 94 and only has 70k miles. and i just bought headers and intake, which i had sold after i broke the car. so i have to do is drop it in there. i'm going to smoke out the funny head and taillights and maybe get it painted or rattle can it mini truck style. can't wait to get started

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you mean you didnt have a datsun for your first car???:P my datsun addiction started out early when i bought my NL320 for $50 when i was 10 or 11. it needed a lot of work and still does. at 15 i picked up a 77 280z for $125 and got it running but when i got my license, i couldnt get insured on it. then i bought an 86 Ranger after riding in an airbagged mazda and wanted a truck. i dropped a 2.3 turbo motor in it and slammed it to the ground. and yes it was static dropped even though it looks bagged.


i sold that to get this ext cab mazda(hence the name "layedoutb2k") because i couldnt fit in a ranger with a 4" bodydrop. i still have this mazda and am about to rebuild it and drop a rotary in it that i already have.


ive had a few other beater cars hear and there but these are the only worth mentioning.

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my first car was a 84 civic hatch with plastic seats and a 4 speed. it was so slow i remember dropping in 1st ger on a incline on the interstate. but i got the mighty max after i passed summer school:lol: i had to earn the max. it was the last year they made it and i had crome 15".

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my newest car was already 3yo when i got it :mellow:


1st car - 67 mustang w/a 302 = lotsa trouble for a high schooler :D blew the motor and no more

then a plymouth [cue song] volare(free :fu: ), which didnt turn very fast :blink: curb/wall/signs/junkyard :lol:


~1985 traded a honda CB550 for my first 510 and have abused 510's(7) since.

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lets see.... first car was a 71 Lincoln Continental 4dr.... big ass boat but oh so comfy. bought it with a blown motor, something i didn't know at the time, because all it needed was a tune up. never drove it:( scrapped it because i couldn't afford a motor and didn't have a place to store it any longer. oh how i miss my linc.... learned to drive stick on an 81 HonDUH civic wagon. that was interesting. its all been down hill from there. in 12 yrs i have had over 40 cars. some for parts, some i actually made $$ on and some that i scrapped or got scrapped. there area few that i am kicking myself for getting rid of... heres the short list..


my lincoln (like this but pewter silver with green accents...




my 75 corrola SR5 and my 78 corrola wagon (75 looked like this in Pea green. wagon looked similar in blue, white hood and sh!t brown hatch)




my old 85 cabriolet... shuddup!






my 79 toyota 34 ton Hilux (the truck that got me into mini trucks)


will add pic once i scan it in :(


my 87 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3




and of course my 95 ram.... traded that on a 95 Nissan Pathfinder just recently!






what got me into dattos though was a guy my mom worked for. he had a 620KC that was bad ass. yellow with teh black stripeage, slotted mags and FLAWLESS black interior. i drooled over his truck all the time. never knew what happened ot him. fast forward 20 yrs and i am chatting with a freind of mine on another site and he asks me if i am interested in a datsun. i tell him "if its not a 510, i am not." he says its a 620. so i look it up on google and just about sh!t myself. same type of truck i wanted as a kid! i went up to his place a couple days later adn bought it on sight! drove it home and around town a couple times then started the hunt for a radiator.... it still sits in front of my house waiting for a good one. but thats my story. hope ya enjoy the read.

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oh yeah, the first vehicle i ever drove was a 510 when i was 13 at the local circle track. i had to ask my dad how to take off from a stop. he told me and i left smokin the tires. i went out for 1 practice session and was 2 tenths off the track record that my dad set the previous race. i couldnt even see over most the hood because of the holley with a big air cleaner made the hood bow.:eek:

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Well. I've owned quite a few cars, not all of them ran but I've managed to sell em even if they didn't move! Heres my list:


2001 Honda Civic 2dr EX (bought it new, I was new to the whole tuner car thing and thought this would be a good car to start with, sold it later to a girl)


1972 Datsun 510 2dr (complete but never ran on the street, still have it but its a shell now)


1987 Nissan 200SX (didn't run, previous engine fire, traded for work done)


1972 Datsun 510 2dr (paid too much, then sold it for what I paid for it minus pieces I wanted off it)


2005 Subaru WRX (bought it new traded to my brother for a 04 Tacoma)


2004 Toyota Tacoma (sold it to my brother after he sold his WRX)


1971 Datsun 510 2dr (still currently own it and will likely own it forever.. invest too much to sell it! :lol: )


1972 Datsun 510 2dr (it was a rolling shell that I got for free and I ended up selling with enough parts to rebuild it for a nice profit..)


1972 Datsun 510 Wagon (got a great deal on it and was going to get it running last year but I kind of decided to wait, still have it)


1971 Datsun 521 Pickup (currently working to get it running. Got a great deal on it and only needs a motor dropped in 70% finished)


I believe that is it. It's in order of when I got the vehicle. I'm only 24 and I've owned that many vehicles... if I had more money and space i'm sure i'd own a lot more.. :D

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wow, way too many cars to remember all.


but my first was a 81 toyota corolla that was dropped and rotorizied w/a holley on top, carb sat so high that i had to cut the hood open so it could clear. that car was the best ever.


many cars after that,honda accords,civics, ford probes, taurus,etc,etc,etc


first datsun in 1999, gold 4 door 510. drove the piss out of it for several years until I blew the L20, she sat for a while(2-3 years), then when i started working on her some low life decided they wanted all my parts more than i did. one day i'm working on my car,leave for a three day vacation and come back to a very destroyed and stripped car. that took the wind out of me for a long time.that was 2003




a few more cars........


in 2005 a good freind told me about a 510 in Brooklyn and that it belongs to his freind and he wants it out of his yard.when i saw it, it was love at first sight. i got giddy all over and bought it on the spot, my love is back.this was after i washed 8 years of dirt off 0556eebd.jpg


and how she looks today DSC01920.jpg


also owned a 2004 trailblazer LS. this pick was at the 2004 east coast datsun 510 meet at summit point WV.IMG_0395.jpg


and now we own a 2008 trailblazer LT1 for the wife



and a 2008 trailblazer SS for me


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