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WTB Key Blanks for my 77' 620

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I am in need of 2 key blanks for my 620, one longer one for the door and a shorter one for the key. I don't have any reference to any numbers, and I don't really care if they are factory or not, it's just no one here has any that work and I need to get my wife a set for the truck.


I can pay by Money Order (i don't do business with paypal anymore)



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The blanks depend on what direction the grooves are. There are several blanks. 620s didn't use long keys ever, BTW. But that's the only size blanks you can find generally. All my replacement keys are long. They work.


Usually the blanks are DA22 (62DT) and DA24 (62DU), but there are wider-groove keys too (DA25, which is a wide-groove DA22). Because your ignition has been changed, God knows what you have.


This site shows pics of the blanks, and you can see the opposite grooves:


http://mysecuritypro...ukeyblanks.aspx (62DU)


http://mysecuritypro.com/nissan62dtkeyblanks.aspx (62 DT)



Oh, and the site lists the cross-reference blank numbers too.



620s changed from one blank to the other sometime between the '74 model year (62DT, which is what my '74 620 and my '72 510 use) and '76, which uses the 62DU. I don't have a '75 to be sure which it used.

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Aha, Well i DO have a 62dux7 key for my door ( checked and saw the partially rubbed off numbers) it is obviously a repro key


My Ignition key is stubbier, has a more modern nissan logo (the hamburger, not the giant N) and the only numbers on it are 5001, which I assume is a key code for the ignition switch? I went to the local Nissan dealer and they looked at me sideways........

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Should be able to use the 62DU (X7) blank for both. The bottom key is a replacement ignition key, mid-80s I'd guess. Your original door key would have been the same stubby, but I haven't seen stubby blanks ever except ones with plastic heads. If you really want the stubby key, a REAL locksmith (not the kids at Home Despot) can cut the blank short before cutting the teeth. It's not that hard, just takes time.

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Wow, what a fucking PITA!!! Stopped by the locksmith and boss man was in and not my buddy. Apparently they won't sell blanks!!! Cus you can go "online and Find the info to cut it yourself" and since their name and # are on the keys they won take Liability. Fuckers




I ended up grabbing them at a local hardware store thats been around forever, just an FYI. U owe Jim at the hardware store a blowie ;)




On their way :)

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