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How do I fix this? Weber Choke ???'s

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My trucks been having troubles starting below 70 degrees early morning the last few days, so I pulled the air cleaner after doing a quick idle adjustment and idle mixture adjustment and found this...



My choke lever has come off the shaft and was laying to the side, leaving the choke wide open. How were they originally attached? I don't see any room for a C-clip and I don't see a tapered edge... it just looks like it was slipped on the end. Never had a problem with it before though.







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I always "assumed" ( not factual just off top of my head )

that the square opening portion of that lever ,,, is "peened" on or "flared" onto the choke-butterfly shaft just a touch ! ( to hold it on )

and then hooked to the bottom actuating lever = which has a small cotter key pin and contour of the bend in the arm ,,,to hold it on/in it's place !


This is an (older model) weber 32/26 DGV I am reffering to.


EDIT : Your's definetly looks a little different design than mine. Unless it's broken ( not likely )


The bottom contour of the actuating lever shaft ( vertical one ) that hooks to this ,,,

should help hold this in place via a clip/cotter key at the bottom ,,, and on the other side is the down-ward contour of the shaft ( keeps the piece in your hand ,, from going side to side ) ?

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mine had a cir clip on it


Interesting, I may have to try and find one tomorrow morning at work :P


Peening is correct.






My Weber is OLD. I got it with the truck and cleaned it up before putting it on the truck. It is a little different then most of the Webers I've seen.



I did like you suggested Mike and dabbed a little clear RTV on it. Seems good so far, truck starts like a champ again.Hopefully this fix holds up.

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