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Has anyone made an RX8 seat fit? Pics of your setup?


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I have an RX8 drivers side seat (one of the first generation seats if there is any difference) that I was given a while ago. I threw it in the drivers side for a quick fit up and it has the odd angled not quite vertical mounting holes for the front. I'm also in the process of making new seat mounts as those were cut out by the previous owner. These RX8 Seats have a wide range of travel and I'm pretty short. It seems as if I could just make a pair of angled brackets to bolt the front holes directly to the floor and behind the actual mount and then just use spacers as I need to get the seat up and over the seat mounts (I plan on making the seat mounts a little stiffer but a little bit lower than stock. However, I would like to know how you did it and pictures if you got them. A solution needs to be found by the end of the week as That's when I get access to the welder and things go in for good.


Should specify this is in a 510. If a mod happens upon this could you please put that in the title.

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